How will this Program benefit our company?

No company can succeed until individuals within it are given the competence and confidence to succeed. For over 12 years, the Mentor Driver Program® has proven that training and open communication between drivers and managers is the path to improving your business. We are confident the Mentor Driver Program is the solution to your driver training and driver/manager communication needs.

In today’s competitive market place, this program will give you the advantage
in finding ways to reduce your operational costs, while meeting your customers’ expectations with product savvy, customer driven professionals representing your company.


Learning & Growth
  • Your Drivers will learn new skills, knowledge and behaviors in weekly training sessions delivered by one of your own, trained Mentor Drivers!

  • The Program is peer driven -- your drivers will beginning learning immediately with the tools and skills provided by DynaMax & NRMCA

  • The Program develops greater professionalism among drivers and constantly reinforces safety, quality, positive relationships, and customer service

  • The Program is designed to be extremely flexible and adaptable with your organization's culture and work schedule

Open Communication

  • Through the formation of the Mentor Driver/Manager's Team you'll establish, honest, open lines of communication between drivers, dispatchers, and managers. This Team format will bring your managers and drivers together, thus, eliminating any divisions or barriers that separate creativity and success.

  • The Program develops real teamwork with those involved in the Program

  • Your Mentor Driver/Manager's Team will be able to find better,  faster, and smarter ways to reduce costs, eliminate rework, cut down on accidents, improve communications, and improve customer service. 

  • Promotes credibility, trust and respect between drivers, managers, shop personnel, and customers.

  • The Program boosts driver morale and promotes efficiency and willingness to take on responsibilities beyond "just the job."


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