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Welcome! My name is Dan Abbott and Im the Team Leader at DynaMaxSM Performance Solutions. On behalf of the DynaMax and NRMCA team, welcome to our new web site featuring the Mentor Driver Program. Since 1990, I've had the privilege watching this Program grow 
from a small idea into a revolutionary process that is changing how Producers operate their businesses. I'm grateful to be part of this phenomena that has helped so many businesses over the years. My reward has come from watching drivers and managers grow and develop their team while at the same time improving their operations through learning and open communication. 

In 1990, I was employed at Morse Bros as the Director of Education and Training. Morse Bros.' Vice President of the Materials Group commissioned me to find a method to economically and realistically train his drivers to deliver concrete in the 21st century. I immediately began researching, looking for an existing program or product that would systematically train concrete delivery drivers in the over 300 competencies we had identified.  I was extremely disappointed in what I found - nothing! I reported back my findings to the VP and explained to him the only way we can reach our future developmental and business objectives was to create a program for ourselves. So, 12 years later, here we are . . .with the Mentor Driver Program! 

Mentor Driver is alive and well in many companies all across North America. It is found in the smallest private to the largest public organizations in the world and is working extremely well in both cultures.

As a side note, in 2001, our team transitioned from Morse Bros. into a stand-alone consulting, training and performance improvement agency for the Concrete Industry. We provide a unique set of skills, abilities, and competencies to help business such as yours perform better! I hope you'll give me a call and let me share with you the many other products and services we provide to producers!

As I conclude, Id like to point out a couple of important areas for you to look at as you wander around our web site. First, I recommend you invest some time looking at the "How will it benefit my company" page. Also, it might be helpful for you to look at the "Video Descriptions" page. We are aggressively updating our existing video titles and adding new topics. We've recently hired a former Senior Mentor Driver from Morse Bros. to develop new videos on a full time basis. Over the next few months I'm confident you'll be surprised at the number of new titles and topics that will appear on that page. So, please check back often.  Finally, weve invested a substantial amount of capital in developing this unique product. Mentor Driver has undergone many extensive tests and trials, at various companies, in order to work out all the details that make this program so simple yet effective. Were confident youll find that we are providing this product at a very affordable price making it a "no-brainer" in cost justification to your owners or board.

Please feel free to contact Eileen Dickson at NRMCA or myself at any time to discuss The Mentor Driver Program or the many other products or services we provide to the industry.

I look forward in the opportunity to work with you!


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