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NEW Mentor Driver Video List 

Listed below are the new additions to our Mentor Driver video library. These videos are either brand new or are existing videos that have been completed re-done with updated new information or content.

Brand New Releases

Product Knowledge

Vehicle/Equipment Knowledge


Buckle up and Live (Seatbelt Guidelines)
. The subject matter for this lesson deals with laws and regulations concerning seat belts and their usage for trucks, equipment, and automobiles. We also visit some laws of physics to detail the effects of a collision on the human body. Included in the lesson is footage from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety depicting crash dummies in a low speed collision as well as a rollover demonstration conducted by Volvo Trucks that highlights what happens to individuals who are not belted in.

This 13 minute video also cites the FMCSA and MSHA regulations as they pertain to drivers and operators.
13:00 minutes

Personal Development

It's Up To Us! - Part 1 
Concrete Delivery Professionals have a first hand look at new construction and are instrumental in building America ’s infrastructure. Unfortunately they are also a potential source of pollution. Kicking off a 4-part environmental series, part 1 of “It’s Up To Us” outlines regulations faced by the ready mix industry, the 3 categories of water in our industry, and the impacts a ready mix concrete operation has on our environment. 12:00 minutes

It's Up To Us! - Part 2  One of the biggest headaches for ready mix producers today is dealing with the washout water and waste concrete from day to day operations. In part 2 of our 4 part environmental series designed for concrete delivery professionals we examine compliance procedures for water and solids. In this lesson the viewer will learn the definition of pH and how processed water can affect the environment. Alternative washout systems are highlighted as a way of utilizing not only water but returned solids as well. Run time: 14:00 minutes

It's Up To Us! - Part 3  Continuing with our environmental series for concrete delivery professionals, we examine policies and procedures for admixtures, chemicals and fuel. The viewer will learn the importance of keeping a keen eye out for leaks or potential leaks around admixture containers and who to contact in the event of an accidental spill or leak. Additionally time is spent identifying chemicals both at the plant and on a ready mix truck. We highlight 3 simple fueling rules that when followed will virtually eliminate costly fuel spills and end this lesson with the most common type of spill; concrete that escapes from the drum. Run time: 10:00 minutes

It's Up To Us! - Part 4 
Wrapping up our environmental guidelines series for concrete delivery professionals, part 4 examines policies and procedures concerning air, noise and appearance. Air pollution and fugitive dust are always a concern of any RM producer. We look at several ways a delivery professional can influence this issue. Noise, always a hot button, is addressed with tips for personnel to use to minimize noise pollution. Our perception in the public eye may not be what we intend it to be. We look at several ways a delivery professional can improve the appearance of a ready mix operation.
Run time: 11:00 minutes

Keep it Clean & Safe 
This lesson focuses on the different types of truck washes available in the industry, the harmful effects of acid based truck washes have on our bodies, our environment, and our equipment. In addition the proper PPE’s required are shown, as well as steps to take in the event of accidental exposure. This lesson is for anyone who may have occasion to use an acid based truck wash.
Run Time: 10:30


Keeping Your Head in The Game  this lesson is focused on how to recognize and avoid road rage. The lesson includes a definition of road rage, what constitutes aggressive driving behaviors, how to avoid road rage, and what to do when confronted by aggressive drivers. We have many employees on the road who have our corporate name and logo on the side of their vehicle. This lesson highlights the importance of maintaining a positive professional image when operating company vehicles.
Run Time:10:25

Save Your Skin! 
This lesson focuses on the dangers and the caustic nature of concrete and related cement products and how it affects our health. Workers exposed to cement related products can suffer from skin problems ranging from dry skin and rashes all the way to severe burns that leave permanent scars. Included in the lesson are items of personal protective equipment needed to avoid skin exposure, along with procedures necessary when a person’s skin is directly exposed to cement related products. This lesson is for anyone who works with or around concrete, concrete block, cement, mortar, grout, or any other cement related products.
Run Time:15:20



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