Mentor Driver Program Prices

There are many ways to get involved in the Program depending upon your budget and organizational objectives. Each option has their pluses and minuses. It is important for you to weight the pros and cons of each option and make certain you are not cutting corners at the long-term expense of your objectives and needs. Please contact Eileen Dickson at NRMCA to help you with your selection of options. 


Video Only Option

You can purchase the individual video titles and use them in your on-going safety training or other similar driver education programs. This is the least expensive method of getting Mentor Driver materials out to your drivers. It is our experience that those who start out with this option eventually end up sending their team to a public workshop or opting for our fully customized option. Why? Because producers see the value of having trained Mentors facilitating the weekly lessons. Keep in mind, these videos are designed to be used by a trained "facilitator" (i.e. a Mentor Driver)  who understand the principles of adult learning theory. The videos are part of a complete learning system that is designed for use with the support materials and a trained facilitator for optimum effectiveness. Another reason we see businesses attending our workshop is because of the contribution a "team concept" brings back to the organization in dollars and "sense." That is why we always encourage organizations to invest in the two-day Public Workshop option.

NRMCA Member Price: 

Quantity 1-19 titles is $70 each 
Quantity 20+  titles is $50 each

Non-Member Price: 

Quantity 1-16 titles is $90 each 
Quantity 20+  titles is $70 each

Jacques Jenkins
Direct Phone: 240-485-1165
Toll Free: 1-888-846-7622, ext 1165

Email: JJenkins@NRMCA.ORG

Public Workshop Option

The next level of involvement is to send your Mentor Drivers and their Managers to a two-day Public Mentor Driver Program Workshop. We typically offer the Program a various cities throughout the year to make travel more convenient for you and your team. The tuition to a Public Workshop includes two full days of instruction, one-on-one coaching of your Mentor Drivers, all workshop materials and lunch on both days. Check this link often for an update on Public Workshop dates and locations.

NRMCA Member Tuition is $1,000 per participant

Companies with 25 or less trucks must send a minimum of three participants (We recommend a minimum of one senior level manager, one training coordinator, and one driver)

Companies with 25 or more trucks must send a minimum of five participants (We recommend a minimum of one senior level manager, one training coordinator, and three drivers)

Non-Member Fees: An additional $1,500 fee will be assessed if your company is not an NRMCA member.

Payment: A deposit of $2,600 is due with the registration form to confirm your company's reservation. You will be invoiced for the balance in two equal payments, of 30 and 60 days after the workshop.

Existing Program Users are welcome to send new Mentor Drivers, Managers and/or Dispatchers to any of the public workshop at $750 per participant

Eileen Dickson
Direct Phone: 240-485-1164
Toll Free: 1-888-846-7622, ext 1164

Email: EDickson@NRMCA.ORG

Fully Customize Program Option

The most effective method of implementing the Mentor Driver Program is to allow the DynaMax team to fully customized the Program for your organization. This option provides the highest level of value back to your organization. You will receive unique, value added, privileges such as unlimited video tape duplication rights with your own customized digital master tapes. Each video and Mentor Driver Manual will be customized with your company logo. This option includes additional pre and post workshop consulting, planning, and support. Also, with this option the DynaMax team will conduct any workshop(s) at locations you specify. 

Please contact Dan Abbott at DynaMax to discuss this option. 
(541) 258-5603



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