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What are people saying about
the Mentor Driver Program?

"If there would be one factor in the success of our company,
I would attribute it to the Mentor Driver Program!"

Scott Hammersley, Vice President
Newington Concrete Corp.
Newington, VA

"The Mentor Driver Program is the best money 
I've ever spent!"

Dan Canada, Owner
Marshall Concrete
Christiansburg, VA

"I truly believe it is the best safety & education program ever designed.  The program boosts the morale of all the drivers by getting them involved in some of the decisions normally made by only management!  The weekly meetings have substantially decreased our companies accidents and increased the quality of our product.  All the drivers and management we have sent to the Mentor Driver Workshop have returned with a whole new positive outlook about the concrete industry!!  It is a long term program that we will continue to use for years to come."

Dan Erickson
Granite City Ready Mix
St. Cloud, MN

"In a word, GREAT! The Mentor Driver Program® has
been received extremely well by the drivers and managers.
It seems to be the best thing since the pay increase. Even
the most skeptical drivers are jumping on the band wagon."

Rufus White
Blue Circle Williams Bros.
Marietta, Georgia

"It is unanimously agreed, your course has solidified
our desire to work together with a positive attitude. We
thank you for making the information so easy to assimilate."

Ed Zaruk
United Concrete & Gravel Ltd.
Quesnel, B.C., Canada

"We have been using the program for about six months now.
I would have to say the results have been nothing less
than phenomenal. When we started the program there were
some drivers who were less than on side but those numbers
have been reduced to only very few."

Wayne Elias
Rempel Bros. Concrete
British Columbia

"The Mentor Driver Program® is a natural solution
to many of the problems we encounter in customer service
and product quality. It is also a key to the successes of
RMC-2000 goals. It is clear that the Mentor Driver
Program® is here to stay."

Florida Mining & Materials
Tampa, Florida
(Quote from In the Driver's Seat Newsletter)

Click here to view interviews with Mentors and Managers
of companies using the Mentor Driver Program®.



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