Mentor Driver Video List and Descriptions

Listed below are the current titles and descriptions of our Mentor Driver video library. Our entire learning library is organized into three competency areas including; 

Product Knowledge
21 videos currently in this category

Vehicle/Equipment Knowledge
36 videos currently in this category

Personal Development
29 videos currently in this category

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Product Knowledge

Another Pair Of Eyes (Part 1)
Concrete compression strength testing. 8:30 minutes

Another Pair of Eyes (Part 2)
Air content testing. 8 minutes

Buying More Time
Methods and benefits of using set-retarder admixtures. 5:30 minutes

Cold Weather Concrete
Placing concrete in cold weather. 7 minutes

Concrete Aggregates
Aggregates used in ready mixed concrete. 6:30 minutes

The Cure For The Common Crack
Understanding the causes and prevention of plastic shrinkage in placed concrete. 7:20 minutes

High Tech Concrete
Methods and benefits of using superplasticizers. 6 minutes

How To Keep It Cool
Tips for placing concrete during hot weather. 7:30 minutes

Just Right!
Temperature and its effect on concrete. 6 minutes

Mix It
The importance of thoroughly mixing concrete. 5 minutes

Quality Concrete - The Basics
NOTE: This DVD replaces the “ABC’s of Quality Concrete” which was released in 1992. 
This DVD module provides an overview of the four primary components every Concrete Delivery Professional (CDP) needs to know in order to manufacturer and delivery quality concrete. This module is an important foundational as well as an introduction to the more in-depth subsequent modules. This new DVD provides an overview of the four most common types of Portland Cement used in production. It also introduces the CDP to the various admixtures they may use in their career as well as an overview on the importance of water including the correct amount of water and its impact on Quality Concrete.
7:28 Run Time 
Released Fall 2011

Quality In The Making (The Finishing Touch)
Delivering quality ready mixed concrete. 7:30 minutes

Rediscovering An Ancient Secret: Fly Ash
Methods and benefits of using fly ash mixture. 7:45 minutes

Secret Agent Revisited - Men in Gray - This video lesson is designed to replace the video “Secret Agent” which discussed air entrainment in concrete. The new updated version has a more in depth approach to how air entrainment works coupled with improved animations and graphics. In addition air entrainment benefits are more fully explained with an emphasis on how the concrete delivery professional can directly influence the outcome of air entrained concrete. (17:00)

Slump & Deliver -  Replaces 1992 version of (Everything you need to know about Slump)
(How you can and do influence the strength and quality of our product). We continually strive to produce the best concrete at the lowest possible cost. That’s business. Right? Then the product leaves our plant. And things go south. Think about how much impact our delivery professionals have on the quality of our product once it leaves our plants. They can add a little too much water on the job site. Or the customer rejects the load because of a badly performed slump test. That is the focus of this lesson; helping our delivery professionals understand just how much they can help, or hurt our efforts to produce a great product. We discuss the following in this video:
• The concept of “over design” in our concrete mix designs.
• The relationship between water, slump and concrete strength. Including the impact of adding too much water.
• Key considerations for those situations when we do have to add water on site.
• From an observer’s standpoint, what to look for when watching someone performing a proper jobsite slump test.

Water Reducing Admixtures
The different types of water-reducing admixtures and the methods and benefits of using admixtures. 5:30 minutes

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Vehicle/Equipment Knowledge

At the Speed of Light: Working with a Laser Screed
Teaches drivers how to safely & efficiently deliver concrete to customers and job sites using Laser Screeds. 8:15 minutes

Back the Truck Up!  This video is designed to help stem the rising tide of backing accidents.  The video begins with the demonstration of an effective jobsite survey focused on securing each of the seven zones identified within a truck's "Sphere of Safety".  From there, the lesson moves on to providing learners with a series of step-by-step procedures designed specifically to help our concrete delivery professionals safely do what they spend so much time doing; backing their trucks up. 15:00 minutes

Booster Axle: The Ultimate Weight Lifter
Correct operations of MTM, Rex, and Challenger booster axles and Booster Actions. 13:30 minutes

Buckle up and Live (Seatbelt Guidelines)
. The subject matter for this lesson deals with laws and regulations concerning seat belts and their usage for trucks, equipment, and automobiles. We also visit some laws of physics to detail the effects of a collision on the human body. Included in the lesson is footage from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety depicting crash dummies in a low speed collision as well as a rollover demonstration conducted by Volvo Trucks that highlights what happens to individuals who are not belted in.

This 13 minute video also cites the FMCSA and MSHA regulations as they pertain to drivers and operators.
13:00 minutes

Can You See What I Am Saying? 
Contractor/Driver Hand Signals)
12 Contractor-to-Mixer Driver Hand Signals to improve productivity, safety, and better customer/driver communication. 6:30 minutes

Clean Machine
Post concrete batching wash up. 4 minutes

Dipstick Detective - Telly Award Winner
Checking for engine oil contamination. 10:40 minutes
Get In Touch With Your Truck - Ready Mix   One of the most frequent and costly accidents plaguing our industry today are slips, trips, and falls from ready mix trucks. This lesson identifies the 4 areas on a ready mix truck where these types of accidents are most likely to occur. Additionally several unique devices are featured to help prevent the concrete delivery professional from being injured as well as saving the producer money in the process. A portion of the lesson is devoted to the hidden costs associated with an accident and the impact on the company as well as the individual. 14:00 minutes
This lesson replaces the old “Danger Zone” video lesson.

Get In Touch With Your Truck - Dump Truck
14:00 minutes

Get In Touch With Your Loader
11:00 minutes

Hitting On All Cylinders
Diesel engine theory covering fuel systems. 8:50 minutes

How To Avoid A Bad Scene
Vehicle accident procedures. 5:30 minutes

How To Hit A Bull’s Eye With A Fire Extinguisher
Proper, effective use of fire extinguishers. 5:45 minutes

Hydraucula - Telly Award Winner
Preventing hydraulic drum system problems. 13 minutes

Preventing diesel engine cylinder liner corrosion. 7:17 minutes

In the Blink of an Eye: Safety Around Your Truck and Chutes. This video lesson identifies four hazard areas around a ready mix truck and chutes. This lesson specifically identifies several pinch points around the drum, how to manage chutes, the correct method to climb up and down the hopper access ladder, and a pinch point in the hopper area. Also, a discussion about the hazards associated with carrying items up and down the access ladder is discussed and the alternatives are suggested. This lesson provides drivers with several safety watchouts and principles to work safely around each of these hazard areas. 14:00 minutes

Keep it Clean and Safe!
This video is designed to provide you with critical information about the
chemicals and solutions you use for washing your Ready Mix truck and how to use them safely. You've heard it before: "clean trucks are good for our image." And it's true. Clean, well maintained equipment last longer to. As the "Captain of your ship" or truck in this case, it's your responsibility to keep that big machine clean. Unlike your personal vehicle, washing a Ready Mix truck takes a bit more than a little soap, water and elbow grease. Like it or not you're going to be
using specially formulated chemical solutions, including acids to remove that built up concrete and cement dust. The key focus in this lesson is how to keep your truck clean safely. 10:30 minutes

Keeping the Shiny Side Up! - Replaced Preventing Truck Rollovers
On-Road - Prevention guidelines for preventing ready mix truck rollovers in on-the-road situations. 17:00 minutes
Off-Road - Covering off-road situations. 15:00 minutes

Keeping Your Eye On The Ball - Telly Award Winner
Position awareness over the road. 9:30 minutes

Laying It On The Line
This video lesson familiarizes your drivers with the basic types of curb machines. It also provides the six steps necessary to correctly and safely deliver concrete to a curb machine and identifies two important Safety Watchouts your drivers need to know when working with curb machines. Both large and small curb machine contractors were involved in the development of this video. 9:15 minutes

Maximum Traction
Off-road traction techniques and proper use of ready mixed concrete truck interaxle differentials. 4:30 minutes

Now The Fun Begins
Now the Fun Begins teaches drivers how to properly "pre-plan" the delivery of concrete to homeowners or "do-it-yourself" type job situations. The lesson specifically discusses how to interact with non-professionals and work out any clean up and leftover concrete disposal issues in residential areas. This video lesson will help your drivers better communicate and work with homeowners and/or other inexperienced contractors. 14:40 minutes

Now We’re Pumping It! – Part 1
Working with concrete pumps and pumping contractors is the "bread-n-butter" of our business. Yet, many drivers are unaware of what pump contractors really expect from them. This video was written and produced with assistance from several pump contractors who gave us a first hand perspective on how they want concrete delivered to them. This video describes the difference between ball valve and rock valve pumping systems and provides the correct delivery process when working with pump contractors. 9:55 minutes

Now We’re Pumping It! – Part 2
The second part in this video series provides an in-depth look at the six critical Safety Watchouts when working with concrete pumps. Each year pump operators and ready mixed concrete truck drivers are seriously injured or killed because of electrocution, pump rollovers, or pinch point accidents. This video outlines six specific strategies to prevent these potential accidents. 11:50 minutes

Offensive Driving
Basics and street strategies of defensive driving. 8 minutes

Playing By The Rules
Abiding by the rules of your organization. 5:30 minutes

Pre-Trip Inspection
Proper pre-trip procedures for ready mixed trucks. 5:30 minutes

Preventing Truck Rollovers - Replaced with 
"Keeping the Shiny Side Up."

Pre-Trip Inspection
Pre-trip procedures for front discharge mixers. 11:30 minutes

Responsible Management
Post-trip shut down for ready mixed trucks. 3:30 minutes

Road Call! - Ready Mix
Educates drivers on the correct step-by-step process to safely park a disabled truck alongside a road, street, or highway without the truck and/or driver becoming a safety liability. Teaches drivers how to correctly deploy reflective triangles and/or flares. 13:45 minutes

Road Call! - Dump Truck


Shut Down & Save!
Allowing mixer trucks to idle needlessly costs our industry millions of dollars in wasted fuel, increased maintenance costs, and shortened engine life, not to mention the added pollutants to the air we breathe.  a new, very timely video lesson, Shut Down and Save!, hightlights the costs associated with prolonged engine idling and offers tips on how to properly shut down a diesel engine.  
This lesson replaces the old "Maximum Mileage" video lesson.  
16:00 minutes.

Staying Tuned In - Part I
Teaches drivers how to safely deliver concrete on job sites without being struck or injured by moving job site equipment. This video lesson is designed to educate your drivers on how to work safely on the job site when outside of their mixer. 12:00 minutes

Staying Tuned In - Part II
Teaches drivers how to safely deliver concrete when there are ground personnel working on the job site. This video lesson is designed to educate your drivers on how to safely operate their vehicle on a construction job site to prevent hitting a worker or another piece of equipment. 7:00 minutes.

Steps To Success
How to use a Hazmat spill kit. 13:30 minutes

The Pressure's On
Inspired by a tank explosion on a ready mix truck and an injury to the delivery professional we set out to explain the basics of a basic RM truck water system. Titled “The Pressure’s On”, This lesson is a 2 part video or DVD lesson.
Part 1 highlights the 10 main components found on a typical water system. In part 2, time is spent how the delivery professional can recognize if the system is not safe, and the basics needed to winterize the system.
12:00 minutes

Thermal Shock - Telly Award Winner
Diesel engine cooling system theory and prevention tips. 10:30 minutes

The Twilight Pour   It’s 2 a.m. and we’re pouring concrete! Sound familiar? As demand for our products and services increase so do the number of hours in our workday. Using a unique acronym, D.A.R.K., the Twilight Pour provides detailed safety and “how-to” information on the four critical elements involved in safely delivering concrete to a jobsite at night. This is a “must have” lesson if you find yourself working in the dark! 9:00 minutes

Tire Care (Ready Mixed Trucks) REPLACED WITH

- Tire Care Series - 

As the Wheel Turns Episode 1
Overview & Anatomy of a Tire 15:45 minutes

As the Wheel Turns Episode 2
Tire Inspection & Maintenance - 13:00 minutes

As the Wheel Turns Episode 2.5
Tire Inspection & Maintenance (Part 2) - 12:00 minutes

As the Wheel Turns Episode 3 - Telly Award Winner
Wheel Overview - 15:00 minutes

As the Wheel Turns Episode 4
Operational Issues - 15:00 minutes

Too Cold! Can’t Start?
Cold weather engine start-up procedures and concerns. 7:30 minutes

V.I.P. (Chute Safety)
Concrete chute safety and proper handling. 5:30 minutes

You’re Stuck, Now What - Telly Award Winner
What to do when your ready mix truck is stuck. 13 minutes.

What is This Thing and How Does it Work?! (Rear Discharge) 
Designed for the driver who has had no exposure to a ready mix truck or exposure to the industry.  It gives the learner a very basic overview of the truck they will be operating without going into a lot of depth or detail.  This video is designed to be viewed immediately after employee orientation and prior to any other ready mix training such as Top Drum or Mentor Driver. 14:00 minutes

What is This Thing and How Does it Work?! (Front Discharge) 
Designed for the driver who has had no exposure to a ready mix truck or exposure to the industry.  It gives the learner a very basic overview of the truck they will be operating without going into a lot of depth or detail.  This video is designed to be viewed immediately after employee orientation and prior to any other ready mix training such as Top Drum or Mentor Driver. 14:00 minutes



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Personal Development

Active Listening
Drivers learn the importance of practicing effective listening skills with customers and dispatchers. 7:00 minutes

Coping with Conflict – Part 1
Learn how to overcome barriers and effectively handling conflicts with co-workers and customers. 7:30 minutes

Coping with Conflict – Part 2
Discovery effective conflict resolutions management strategies 9:30 minutes

Dispatcher/Driver Relationships
Uncover how professional relations between drivers and dispatchers can affect customer relations and product quality. 6:30 minutes

Don’t let the Big One get Away!
Techniques and benefits of maintaining a satisfied customer and the cost of a dissatisfied customer. 8:00 minutes

Dress for Success! REPLACED WITH THE

It's Up To Us! - Part 1
Concrete Delivery Professionals have a first hand look at new construction and are instrumental in building America ’s infrastructure. Unfortunately they are also a potential source of pollution. Kicking off a 4-part environmental series, part 1 of “It’s Up To Us” outlines regulations faced by the ready mix industry, the 3 categories of water in our industry, and the impacts a ready mix concrete operation has on our environment.
12:00 minutes

It's Up To Us! - Part 2  One of the biggest headaches for ready mix producers today is dealing with the washout water and waste concrete from day to day operations. In part 2 of our 4 part environmental series designed for concrete delivery professionals we examine compliance procedures for water and solids. In this lesson the viewer will learn the definition of pH and how processed water can affect the environment. Alternative washout systems are highlighted as a way of utilizing not only water but returned solids as well. Run time: 14:00 minutes

It's Up To Us! - Part 3 
Continuing with our environmental series for concrete delivery professionals, we examine policies and procedures for admixtures, chemicals and fuel. The viewer will learn the importance of keeping a keen eye out for leaks or potential leaks around admixture containers and who to contact in the event of an accidental spill or leak. Additionally time is spent identifying chemicals both at the plant and on a ready mix truck. We highlight 3 simple fueling rules that when followed will virtually eliminate costly fuel spills and end this lesson with the most common type of spill; concrete that escapes from the drum. Run time: 10:00 minutes

It's Up To Us! - Part 4 
Wrapping up our environmental guidelines series for concrete delivery professionals, part 4 examines policies and procedures concerning air, noise and appearance. Air pollution and fugitive dust are always a concern of any RM producer. We look at several ways a delivery professional can influence this issue. Noise, always a hot button, is addressed with tips for personnel to use to minimize noise pollution. Our perception in the public eye may not be what we intend it to be. We look at several ways a delivery professional can improve the appearance of a ready mix operation.
Run time: 11:00 minutes

Keeping Your Head in The Game  this lesson is focused on how to recognize and avoid road rage. The lesson includes a definition of road rage, what constitutes aggressive driving behaviors, how to avoid road rage, and what to do when confronted by aggressive drivers. We have many employees on the road who have our corporate name and logo on the side of their vehicle. This lesson highlights the importance of maintaining a positive professional image when operating company vehicles.
The Protection Section Part 1
Head Protection 12:00 minutes

The Protection Section Part 2
Eye & Ear Protection 10:00 minutes

The Protection Section Part 3
Vests & Hand Protection 8:00 minutes

The Protection Section Part 4 - Telly Award Winner
Protective Footwear
The series wraps up with a look at one of the most abused, but critical pieces of PPE – our boots. Based on the collaborative efforts of Danner Inc., this lesson provides six tips critical to getting a proper fitting pair of boots. We even include some interesting, "foundational" information on the basics of finding the right socks to match the wearer’s specific needs! 12:00 minutes

Enhancing Our Public Image: Fundamental Principles for Enhancing your Public Image -- Your ready mix trucks are literally rolling billboards for your company. Your driver's behavior, appearance, and the appearance of your vehicles on the roads and at jobs sites can reflect positively or negatively upon your entire company. "Enhancing your Public Image" goes in-depth into four areas that Concrete Delivery Professionals need to be aware of to improve or enhance your company's image. These areas include understanding how a driver's personal appearance, hygiene, and vehicle appearance affect the public's perception of your business. The other two areas include tips on how to build community trust and becoming more knowledgeable about your business to earn customer's confidence in your business. The lesson also addresses a driver's behavior when behind the wheel including a segment on how to prevent the perception of initiating or participating in "road rage." 14:00 minutes

Maps, Who needs Maps?
Map reading skills and Street SmartsÔ 13:00 minutes

No Problem! Handling Conflict On The Job
Effectively dealing with problems on the job site. 6:45 minutes

Resisting Stress – Part 1
Elements of effective stress management. 5:30 minutes

Resisting Stress – Part 2
Recognizing and managing excess stress. 5:30 minutes

Save Your Skin! 
This lesson focuses on the dangers and the caustic nature of concrete and related cement products and how it affects our health. Workers exposed to cement related products can suffer from skin problems ranging from dry skin and rashes all the way to severe burns that leave permanent scars. Included in the lesson are items of personal protective equipment needed to avoid skin exposure, along with procedures necessary when a person’s skin is directly exposed to cement related products. This lesson is for anyone who works with or around concrete, concrete block, cement, mortar, grout, or any other cement related products.

Taking Care Of Business (Customer Care)
Ready Mixed producers care for their customers. 6:30 minutes

Team Secret
Teamwork and goals for success. 5:30 minutes

The Difference is You!
Four important ways a driver impacts the quality and profitability of your company. This video set the tone for the entire Mentor Driver Program. 
3:00 minutes

Tools Of The Trade
Familiarization of the purpose and proper care of the customers’ primary concrete finishing tools. 7 minutes

Up Front and Personal
-- Driver/Customer Paperwork
Walks drivers through the critical sections found on common concrete invoices/delivery tickets to make certain the driver is documenting critical information. Also discusses how to ask customers for their signature on liability waivers and presenting the customer with a concrete product label as required by the Consumer Protection Agency. 9:36 minutes

Why We Are The Way We Are
A light-hearted look at human behavior and understanding basic personality types. 9:30 minutes

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