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Latest Scheduled Workshops

Mentor Driver Workshop Update

How Mentor Driver and NRMCA's Concrete Delivery Professional Certification Program are working together!

New Videos being added to the Library













Newest Mentor Driver Workshop

Join us for our next upcoming two day Mentor Driver Program Workshop. Workshop also includes lunch and all materials.  For new companies implementing Mentor Driver Program for the first time, we strongly recommend a senior or executive level manager accompany their drivers, dispatchers and other managers to this workshop. Your attendance at this workshop is critical!

Mentor Driver Program Workshop

Mentor Driver Workshop 

New Dates: January 31st & Febuary 1st 2012 

Eileen Dickson
Direct Phone: 240-485-1164
Toll Free: 1-888-846-7622, ext 1164

Email: EDickson@NRMCA.ORG

Want to learn more about the workshop?

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Latest Workshop Report 

Recently, a Mentor Driver workshop was held in Portland Or. on March 9th & 10th, 2004. DynaMax had the privilege of working with Beaver State Ready Mix, Miles Sand & Gravel, and Morse Bros. The workshop was held at The Doubletree Janzten Beach Hotel.




















A recent Mentor Driver workshop was in Orlando Florida on Dec. 11& 12 2003. DynaMax and NRMCA had the privilege of working with Central Concrete Supermix, Chandler Concrete Co, Hardaway Concrete Co, Lauren Concrete Inc, Ready Mixed Concrete Co, Silvi Concrete, Stansley Integrated Resources, and United Materials. The workshop was held at the Grosvenor Resort in the Walt Disney World Resort.



















On December 13th & 14th, 2002.  DynaMax and NRMCA had the privilege of working with Chandler Concrete and Boxley Concrete Products.  The workshop was held in the new state of the art RMC Research Foundation Education Center at NRMCA headquarters.



























New Orleans, LA.  DynaMax & NRMCA had the privilege of working with six producers from all over the US.


































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The Mentor Driver Program
is supporting NRMCA's CDP Certification! 

DynaMax has volunteered to work with NRMCA in supporting their CDP Certification Program. DynaMax has agreed to cover CDP topics and test questions within any newly developed or revised Mentor Driver video. So, as your drivers are participating in their weekly Mentor Driver sessions they are at the same time studying for their CDP certification. We believe this is a win-win for the industry. 

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New Videos 

Check out New Videos page often to locate all the new videos being added to the Mentor Driver  library. Also, we're getting feedback from some users that "we need more videos!" After some investigation, we're finding out that many companies don't even have all the videos that are currently available. Remember when you purchase the full program from NRMCA you only receive a set of 52 videos. The Mentor Driver library now contains over 80 videos with new titles being added each month!  So, check out our Video Description page to make sure you have them all!

Currently New Videos are:

Back the Truck Up
Backing up safely on construction sites.. Completed

Keeping the Shiny Side Up!:
On-Road - Prevention guidelines for preventing ready mix truck rollovers in on-the-road situations.
Complete, Call NRMCA
Off-Road - Covering off-road situations.  Complete, Call NRMCA

The Protection Section Part 1: Complete, Call NRMCA
Head Protection

The Protection Section Part 2: Complete, Call NRMCA
Eye & Ear Protection

The Protection Section Part 3: Complete, Call NRMCA
Vests & Hand Protection

The Protection Section Part 4:
Protective Footwear
The series wraps up with a look at one of the most abused, but critical pieces of PPE – our boots. Based on the collaborative efforts of Danner Inc., this lesson provides six tips critical to getting a proper fitting pair of boots. We even include some interesting, "foundational" information on the basics of finding the right socks to match the wearer’s specific needs!

Secret Agent Revisited - Men in Gray - This video lesson is designed to replace the video “Secret Agent” which discussed air entrainment in concrete. The new updated version has a more in depth approach to how air entrainment works coupled with improved animations and graphics. In addition air entrainment benefits are more fully explained with an emphasis on how the concrete delivery professional can directly influence the outcome of air entrained concrete.

What is this Thing and How Does it Work?:
The basics of a ready mix concrete truck.

Currently Under Production:


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