Mentor Driver Workshop

The Objectives

This highly interactive two-day workshop is designed to accomplish 
these objectives:

First, make all the participants aware of the underlying principles and philosophy behind the Mentor Driver Program. This includes identifying and clarifying the roles of the Manager, Mentor Driver, Dispatcher, Training Coordinator, and other Drivers in the Program.

Second, help the participants become familiar and comfortable with the weekly learning format and prepare the drivers for their new role as a training facilitator (Mentor Driver) for their organization

Third, provide at least two, preferable three, opportunities for the new Mentor Drivers to practice facilitating a typical weekly training session. The Mentor's will receive individual coaching and feedback from DynaMax instructors

Fourth, begin understanding the Mentor Driver/Manager Meeting Forum  in order to begin building effective teamwork, open communication, and long-term positive manager/driver business relationships. During the workshop, the participants will begin to discuss ways this Forum can make their company more innovative, cost effective, and profitable.

Workshop Features

  • Each Participant receives their own Mentor Driver Manual to keep including written lesson plans and discussion questions for each of the 60 plus Mentor Driver Videos.

  • Your new Mentor Drivers will learn the intricacies and  "how-tos" of running weekly driver training sessions using videos, lesson plans, and generating meaningful discussions.

  • The first part of the workshop is dedicated in learning about the "Training & Education" aspect of the Program. While the second day is spent focusing on improving "Open Communication and Teamwork."
Workshop Benefits
  • Driver-specific, dynamic, fast-paced, interactive two-day workshop with Drivers and Managers learning side-by-side.

  • Drivers and Managers work both as individuals and in teams.

  • During the two-days together, you'll have an opportunity to get to "know" your best drivers and continue the formation of a long-term business relationship that will positively impact your business.

  • Your new Mentor Drivers will gain competence and confidence to make the program work back at your operation(s).

  • You'll have opportunities to network with other drivers, managers, and owners from other companies who are implementing the program or have well-established programs in place. Many companies with well establish Mentor Driver Programs send their new Mentor Drivers and Managers to these workshops.

  • Workshop is facilitated by two highly-experienced, industry savvy, DynaMax instructors who have over 20 years of combined experience delivering this program to the industry.


Newest Mentor Driver Workshop

Join us for our next upcoming two day Mentor Driver Program Workshop. Workshop also includes lunch and all materials.  For new companies implementing Mentor Driver Program for the first time, we strongly recommend a senior or executive level manager accompany their drivers, dispatchers and other managers to this workshop. Your attendance at this workshop is critical!

Mentor Driver Program Workshop

January 3rd & 4th, 2006
Embassy Suites, Portland, OR

TopDrum Workshop
January 5th, 2006
Embassy Suites, Portland, OR

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